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  • How To Get An Ag Exemption – Part 2

    Once you have decided on a course of action for getting your Ag Valuation, you must begin documenting. Some CAD offices might give you credit for clearing land or building fences. In that case, document with pictures and receipts. You will need to prove it! Keep copies of lease agreements, livestock purchases, seed or fertilizer…

  • How To Get An Ag Exemption in Texas – Part 1

    This is one of the most asked questions! At one time nearly all “Open Space” property in Texas had an Ag Valuation. Note: the proper term is Valuation, not Exemption! With an Ag Valuation, the land will be valued for the productivity value. If it can support three cows, and a cow is worth $2000,…

  • 2024 Wildlife Management Plans.

    The filing period for 2024 begins January 1, 2024 and ends April 30, 2024. Your plan must be submitted between those dates. Remember, because you are switching from one form of Ag to another, you must have an Ag valuation on your property in 2023.