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Wildlife Management
The smart way to increase your land value and decrease your taxes
The Wildlife Management Tax Valuation allows landowners with a current Ag valuation to manage their property for native Texas wildlife and keep their low tax valuation. Wildlife Management is very popular,with thousands of landowners across Texas with several hundred thousand acres of land already managing their property for wildlife.
Join your neighbors and help Texans preserve our natural resources.  You are keeping your taxes low and being a good steward for your land!

Preservation Texas Wildlife Management Plans
  • Free On-Site Consultation
  • Professional and Affordable
  • Ask us About Our Guaranty
We offer a free on-site meeting to discuss wildlife management and understand your goals and objectives.  Meeting with a wildlife biologist, we can answer specific questions about particular wildlife or overall habitat.  We'll share our expertise with you to help prepare you for wildlife management and make your land more valuable. The free site visit allows you to get to know us better.

When you engage us to write your plan, we take care of everything.  We'll prepare a five year wildlife management plan complete with maps, a management matrix, and all forms completed. We'll turn everything into the appraisal district leaving you worry-free.

Preservation Texas Wildlife Management Products and Services
  • Hand crafted, high quality products
  • Tax compliance packages
  • Tailored packages available for birders and hunters
Preservation Texas offers a wide variety of wildlife management products and services designed specifically to accommodate any wildlife management plan. Texas Parks and Wildlife has outlined seven categories of activities, and landowners must perform activities in at least three of those categories. No matter which categories you choose, Preservation Texas can help you implement your plan.

We hand build our nest boxes to stand up to our brutal Texas summers - no staples here! High quality water tables are offered in a variety of sizes.

Wildlife management plans are customized to your goals, and our products and services can be tailored to meet those goals and your budget.

For a complete list of products and services, click here.

Switching to Wildlife Management
Taxes are the same as your Ag Valuation.
You must have an Ag Valuation (Ag Exemption) on your land in order to switch to Wildlife Management.  If you do not have an Ag Valuation, click here to learn how Preservation Texas can help you.
Plans are submitted between January 1 and April 30, but you can begin your activities before then.
Preservation Texas provides affordable, professional services making it easy and worry-free for you to switch.
Managing for Wildlife is easy and rewarding. Preservation Texas works with you to come up with a customized plan that meets your goals within your budget.
If you do not live on your property, Preservation Texas can manage all of your activities.  We offer all-inclusive tax compliance packages to protect your low valuation.
For DIY landowners, we offer a variety of products and services to help get you started.  And if you just have a question - call or email us!

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