Water Management
Texas weather has been described as one big drought occasionally interrupted by rain. At Preservation Texas, we believe that when it does rain, it's your water and lack of management means it will wind up on someone else's land.  Keep your water and your soil on your land! 
With the forthcoming changes in population exasperated by our weather patterns, it is imperative now more than ever to manage this precious resource. Preservation Texas offers a variety of services focused on responsible water management.  Capture it, contain it, consume it.  Whether you want water for swimming, as a drinking source for your family, your livestock, or wildlife, or want to use it for irrigation, Preservation Texas can help.  Call us for a free consultation.

Rainwater Management
When it does rain, we can collect an amazing amount of rainwater.  Water can be collected off of nearly any hard surface - a roof, a driveway or a deck for example. For many Texans, collecting 40,000 gallons of rainwater is pretty easy.  But what to do with all that water?

Preservation Texas sells and installs rainwater harvesting systems for a variety of purposes. IRIS™ is designed specifically for irrigation. Our water tables capture water for wildlife.  Of course, if you want a system for drinking and other potable uses, nothing tastes better and is better for your appliances than rainwater.
Pond & Stream Construction
Water features including ponds, streams, and waterfalls enhance the beauty of your property. Preservation Texas utilizes natural resources on your property wherever possible to blend in naturally. 

Preservation Texas handles all aspects of pond and stream construction. We'll work with you on a design and budget. 

Rainwater & IRIS™
A one inch rainfall on a 1000 square foot surface produces 600 gallons of water.
A single story 2500 square foot home in the Hill Country can capture 48,000 gallons of rainwater in a average year.
Rainwater collected off of a metal or tile roof is suited for drinking.  The cost of installing a rainwater harvesting system is about the same as drilling a well in Hill Country.
IRIS™ - Integrated Rainwater Irrigation System. Developed by Preservation Texas, this unique system captures rainwater and pumps it to your drip irrigation system.  
IRIS™ is ideal for gardens and flowerbeds.  A backup connection to your well or tap water ensures your plants receive adequate water.
For more information, visit www.IrisRainwater.com or download a brochure.

Erosion Control
The main objective of erosion control is to slow down the flow of water so when we get a gully washer your soil stays on your property. Often the root cause for the erosion is a lack of plant material. Overgrazing or clearing exposes the soil and rock underneath, washing away with each rain. In many cases, resources are available on your property, such as rock or brush, to create a foundation for erosion control. By establishing a foundation overlaid with new grasses, Preservation Texas will not only solve your erosion issues but make your land more attractive and suited for wildlife.
Riparian Management
The term "riparian" or more specifically "riparian zone" refers to the area where a body of water meets the land. In Texas, you may have a stream or creek that crosses your property.  Proper management of the riparian zone prevents erosion and increases water quality.

Riparian zones also provide wildlife habitat, increase biodiversity, and provide wildlife corridors. Preservation Texas can help you manage these areas on your property, increasing the value and natural beauty of your land.    


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