Land Management Services
What's your vision for your ranch? A field full of bluebonnets? A watering hole for summer swimming? A wildlife haven? Trophy bucks? All of the above?
When you have a vision, or you need help creating one, often the best strategy is to come up with a plan first. And quite often that plan is going to require altering and enhancing the land itself. Whether that means building or replacing a fence, clearing overgrown species such as cedar or mesquite, or re-establishing native grasses and plants - call on Preservation Texas for help with all facets of your dream.

Habitat Restoration
Preservation Texas offers unique expertise in understanding how the land has changed over the last 200 years; the needs of various native Texas wildlife; and most importantly how to properly implement habitat restoration.

Creating a habitat to support your vision begins with an evaluation of your property and a discussion of your goals and objectives. We'll work with you to come up with a plan to implement your vision, and our friendly and knowledgeable staff and contractors will carry it out on time and on budget.  

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Native Trees, Grasses, and Wildflowers
One of the best things about Texas is that we have plants blooming year round.  Turk's Cap for example blooms in the summer and fall providing nectar for migrating hummingbirds.

Preservation Texas works with local nurseries and seed providers.  If you are looking to diversify your habitat, add some year round color, or put in a native grass lawn give us a call. Working with our native plant specialist, we'll design and plant native trees, grasses, and wildflowers to enhance your property.

Creating Wildlife Friendly Habitat
Conduct an inventory of trees, grasses and plants already on your property and identify needs.
Thin cedar breaks allowing sunlight to reach the ground.
Plant native trees and shrubs of various heights along an edge.
Plant butterfly friendly host plants.
Create brush piles and snags.
Remove exotic, invasive plants from your property.
 Provide a drinking and bathing pool for birds.
Add a water mister and / or water recirculation 
 Provide nest boxes for cavity dwelling birds
Provide feeders or mineral blocks for songbirds, turkey, quail, deer, and small mammals.

Brush Management
Attacking nuisance trees and brush - specifically Mesquite and Ashe Juniper, can be a major undertaking for many landowners.  Like many things, there is a right way and a wrong way to successfully  remove these pests without introducing additional problems.  

Preservation Texas does the job right.  We take care to prevent erosion.  Equipment is selected to not tear up the land, which can allow prickly pear to spread out of control.  

We'll work with you to meet your objectives. We'll remove the brush safely and efficiently allowing native grasses and plants to return to your property.

Property Taxes & Agricultural Tax Valuation
Perhaps the most important thing you can do on your land is preserve or obtain a lower tax valuation. We work with many landowners to switch them to the Wildlife Management Tax Exemption. As a prerequisite to switching, you must already have an Agricultural valuation.  

If you do not have one and are paying taxes on full market value, we can help you get an Ag valuation. Because land must be used for Ag for five years before obtaining an Ag valuation, it can be an expensive process.  Call us for a free phone consultation explaining the process and requirements.

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