A Commitment To Preserving
Native Texas Wildlife

We Work With You To Develop a Wildlife Management Plan For Your Ranch in Texas. We Handle All Paperwork And Can Implement The Plan Or Provide Feeders, Wildlife Waterers, and Nesting Boxes.

A Passion For Protecting Your
Agricultural Valuation

Our comprehensive suite of professional services caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from DIY ranchowners to commercial developers. Our clients own from 3.74 acres to 5000+. If you have an Ag valuation, let’s explore wildlife.

Complete Submittal

We make it easy by handling all the paperwork and filing.

Continuous Support

Once your plan is approved, we are there to answer questions and help implement if you choose.

A La Carte Pricing

Most clients choose to implement the plan themselves and that’s great! Have fun on your ranch! Some clients choose to add a little more, and some want complete management.

Wildlife Management Tax Valuation

Wildlife Management is one form of the Ag Valuation. Property taxes remain the same. If you have a current Ag valuation, and the property has not changed size since last year, you are eligible.

Comprehensive Plans

Our plans help support multiple species of native Texas wildlife like songbirds, pollinators, small mammals, and white-tail deer.

A Plan For Every Budget

Plans need not be expensive to implement. Many clients are already doing activities that qualify – like providing water or feeding deer. We work with your goals and objectives to develop a plan that meets your needs – without overselling.

“Preservation Texas has been so helpful over the years. We really enjoy all the wildlife we see on the property. It’s been a joy – we see more wildlife, both in diversity and abundance.”

Shelly W.

Ranch Owner, Hunt County

Established in 2009
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Vermilion Flycatcher, Pyrocephalus rubinus, in Texas Hill Country, near Comfort Texas

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Eastern Bluebird Outside of Nest Box
200 Gallon Wildlife Waterer from Texas Metal Tanks
25 Pound Capacity Bird Feeder
Deer Need About 2.5 Quarts of Water Per Day